Monday, January 6, 2014

The Dreaded Pedestal

I think at some point in everybody's life they have put someone on a pedestal. Whether it was a celebrity, crush, or a family member.
There are many problems that a pedestal can cause, as in:

For Celebrity pedestal: You end up forgetting that this person, is playing a part, doing his/her job, looking good for press. I'm not trying to say that all celebrity's are assholes, just saying that there are people maybe already in your life that need you. Get out of fantasy world every once in a while.

For crush pedestal: Obsession. That is what you end up getting. You focus on all the great things about about someone and forget all of their flaws. You should never forget a flaw, you accept his/her flaws and accept that everyone will have something wrong with them, and decide if his/hers is small enough to live with.
If you're forgetting someones flaws, stop. You're in denial.

For family pedestal: It's great to look up to your family, but at a certain point you can forget they have flaws too. You start trying to be perfect, which we all know is impossible, eventually, even the one you look up to will make a mistake. You should admire all they do, but don't be afraid to make mistakes just like they do.

I have put many people on pedestals. I'm not proud of it, but it will happen to everyone.

My crush pedestal: I ended up with a crush on one of my best friends. I was getting false information about him liking me, it got to my head and made me think I liked him. A long while later, after being confused and hurt all the time (Signs of a bad relationship), he finally told me it would never happen. He didn't want to mess up our friendship. I was sad for about 2 hours, and then I realized I really didn't care. I had built him up to be my "dream guy" when in reality, he was just my friend. The pedestal was gone after that. I'm now trying to never let other's words change what I think of someone.

Think about if you're putting someone on a pedestal. Don't ditch the person completely, just realize they're not perfect. Rebel against pedestals.

Yours truly, Al.